Estate Planning For Dummies: Two Estate Planning Myths Debunked For Cape Cod Families

I’m not sure there is very much I could say that could add anything to the conversation about what happened last week in Parkland, FL. It seems that every time something like this happens, we grieve for shorter and shorter amounts of time and move on ever-more quickly to the shouting at each other over root causes.

But the fact remains that there are 17 families whose entire...

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2018 Tax Refunds Have You Confused? Peter Arnold Provides Clarity

We are cranking along with tax return preparation here at Peter D. Arnold, CPA, and there are some interesting things that you should know about from Tax Land (that wild, scintillating world that it is).

Look — it is our J-O-B to handle this junk so you don’t have to, which is why I make it a point to not be too tax-heavy in my notes to you. But this week, well, there&...

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5 Tips To Think More Clearly About Financial Decisions For Cape Cod Taxpayers

Despite that title, it has, in fact, been a relatively smooth first week of tax filing here at Peter D. Arnold, CPA. Cape Cod clients have been streaming through our doors, and we’ve been enjoying our little mini-reunion with so many longtime friends.

Now, there’s plenty to say about that Super Bowl, the advertisements (apparently, they’re all Tide ads), the half...

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